ANW is NOT on tonight (Monday, September 28)

Cue the sad violin music. American Ninja Warrior is postponed by one week.

American Ninja Warrior will not air on Monday, September 28.

As the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Final heads into game six, they’ll be taking over Ninja Warrior’s Monday night time slot for one week. (It’s Tampa Bay Lightning vs the Dallas Stars, if anyone is interested.)

This means that night four of the Ninja Warrior Qualifiers, the last of the season, will now air on Monday, October 5. The final group of Ninjas features the return of Joe Moravsky, Meagan Martin, and many more fan favorites.

But hey! Good things come to those who wait. Just think of all the sweet anticipation we can build while we hold on seven more days. Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior is just eight episodes, so this lets us savor those sweet moments just that much longer.

So watch some hockey tonight, or go outside. Watch repeats of American Ninja Warrior on Peacock. We’ll see you back here next Monday for fresh action!

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