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This Fall, The Warrior Factory Hamilton is launching The Warrior University, a unique option to help accommodate for the modified school experience children will be undergoing. As Ontario schools shift to a hybrid learning model, we recognize the added inconvenience and stress this may place on families and caretakers. With this in mind, we have adapted our programming to offer a safe environment for your children to come and work on their required school work.
Starting the week of September 14th, The Warrior Factory Hamilton will be offering a safe, fun, positive space where children can get both time to do their e-learning and participate in daily physical activity. Each registered child will be given their own socially distanced working station in compliance with Ontario guidelines. Our staff will be on-site to help your child stay focused in their E-learning experience, making sure they have a safe and quiet environment to complete their coursework. 
To ensure that every child has an “A+” experience we will be incorporating intermittent bouts of physical activity on our professionally fabricated obstacles within our facility to keep “your warriors” engaged all day long.
Participants will have access to Warrior Factory wifi for e-learning connection.
  • Each student will have their own private workspace, upstairs away from all the action. These workstations will be appropriately distanced and cleaned regularly to remain in compliance with Ontario Bylaw.
  • Students are required to bring their own personal tablet/laptop (with headphones) to complete their required course work through virtual learning. Please note that class time is designated quiet time.
  • Staff will be onsite to ensure the following:
    • Adherence to safety procedures and facility rules
    • Ensuring a safe and quiet environment for students to work
    • Checking-in with students to make sure they remain focused on task of their studies
A girl in the Novice class at The Warrior Factory
As we recognize that each child’s class schedule/syllabus will be different, our schedule consists of two parts: classroom/E-learning and activity. This will ensure that all children remain engaged throughout the entire day with schoolwork and fitness activities.
A girl in the Intermediate Ninja class at The Warrior Factory
  • Classroom time is designated quiet time where students will work on school related activities
  • Active time includes the time before or after completing the required school syllabus where our students will have a chance to channel their inner ninja warrior within the facility play area (as dictated by each student’s schedule)
    • Ninja-90 – 90 minutes of structured play, obstacle courses, and games
    • Ninja-60 – 60 minutes of structured play, obstacle courses, and games
    • Kids Open Play – 60 minutes of open play format to test out obstacles of choice
  • $299 - Full Week: Monday – Friday (8:00am – 4:00pm)
  • $199 - Full Week, ½ Day: Monday – Friday (8:00am – 12:00pm)
  • $199 - Partial Week Flex (ANY 3 days, (8:00am – 4:00pm)
  • $149 - Partial Week, ½ Day (ANY 3 days, (8:00am – 12:00pm) or (12:00pm – 4:00pm)
  • $75 - Full Day (8:00am – 4:00pm)
  • $40 - ½ Day (8:00am – 12:00pm)
  • $10 - Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up (1 hour)
A teen in the Advanced Ninja class at The Warrior Factory
A child with a bagged lunch
  • A tablet or laptop to complete your virtual learning
  • Earphones so that all participants can concentrate and work in a quiet environment
  • Homework, books, pens/pencils, and quiet activities to pass the time in case your child finishes their required work early
  • Bagged lunch and snacks. For the safety of all other guests with allergies we ask that you pack peanut free. We have multiple refrigerators on-site.
  • Water bottle with the child’s name on it. No child will be allowed to drink out of the water fountains, which function only as refilling stations.
  • UPDATED Policies and Procedures
  • Participant temperatures will be taken upon entry
  • Face masks are required upon entry to the facility and encouraged throughout the day, but not mandatory
  • An up-to-date waiver and a Warrior “U” intake form are required for enrollment
  • The Warrior Factory reserves the right to remove any student from the program and return funds due to student’s unwillingness to cooperate/follow rules of either Warrior “U” and/or facility.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the facility beyond the front entrance. Staff will be available for drop off and coordinate pickup.
  • Social distance rules will apply for drop off and pickup throughout the day.
A young girl with a backpack and mask on
A small child on a Warrior Factory obstacle with an adult  
  • Space is limited and we will be operating on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Students will be separated based on age/grade and individual school schedules (depending on registration).
  • We will be working with small groups to allow for contact tracing and Health Canada recommended social distancing.
  • Staff will be present for your child’s independent assigned learning strictly as proctors, but will not be responsible for teaching any material.
  • A child’s disregard for authority will lead to the student’s removal from Warrior “U” using a three-check system:
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Written Warning sent home with child
    3. Removal from Warrior “U”
  • TWF Hamilton is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.
  • Increased safety and sanitation procedures will remain in place.
  • There are discounts available for Ultimate Members, service men/women, as well as siblings.
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